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My verdict on the past month or so's goings-on - Susan Rocks!!!

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August 14th, 2008

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09:09 am - My verdict on the past month or so's goings-on
Chris Knight storyline = *argh headdesk*

Firstly, it's going to end up that everyone in Ramsey Street has been to/been in danger of going to prison at this rate.

Secondly - what is WITH all the 'lying to protect others' culture they've got going on?!

Can someone explain the Australian legal system to me, because surely if Steve says he beat Chris up, he'll probably go to jail, but if he lets Bridget tell the truth that she, oh, pushed Chris over to stop him raping her then she'd get let off on self defence grounds even IF she wasn't like 15 and too young to go to prison anyway?

Also - what is with the whole uproar about age, too? OK, Rachel and Angus - she's over the age of consent, right? She must be 16 by now, if not older? Because she's older than Zeke and Zeke's in the same year as Taylor (correct me if I'm wrong) and Taylor is old enough to get the pill? (I'm getting very confused by all this) SO, whilst I understand the whole objection to a teacher/student relationship, on the MORAL ground of it, Angus is probably only like five or six years older than her making IMO their relationship perfectly fine.

Same goes for everyone suddenly freaking the hell out when 16 year olds repeatedly buy booze for parties - they're 16 ffs! It's not CRACK!

Also WTF Taylor's dad?!


Now I have vented all that, I would like to say that Taylor and Zeke make me wibble quite a lot and I cried when she went to boarding school OMGZ THEY'RE LIKE ROMEO AND JULIET without the suicide How could her dad split them up, the heartless, heartless man?!

Moar Taylor and Zeke please despite the fact that they look like brother and sister - future storyline, hmmm?! :op I just want to stare at her pretty hair.
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Date:August 14th, 2008 03:25 pm (UTC)
You and me HAVE to meet up, get drunk and watch Neighbours.
I will be the Toady-n-Steph fangirl - why does Toady ALWAYS get the short straw?
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Date:August 20th, 2008 07:25 pm (UTC)

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