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July 13th, 2007

06:14 pm - BBC3 Tomorrow Night
Yes Saturday night on BBC3 is Neighbours Night!! Yay!

8:25 pm
Neighbours Night - Neighbours Revealed
1/5. Everybody Needs Good Neighbours: The story of Australia's most famous soap told from the very beginning - how the series came to the UK and why it has become such a global hit. [S]

8:55 pm
Neighbours Night - Neighbours Revealed
2/5. The Talent of Ramsay Street: A look at the head turning beauties who have graced Erinsborough over the years, with an exclusive Neighbours-eye view into their acting classes. [S]

9:25 pm
Neighbours Night - Neighbours Revealed
3/5. Neighbours Rule UK: The celebration of Australia's most famous soap catches up with faces from the past such as Craig McLachlan and Anne Charleston, who have lived and worked in the UK. [S]

9:55 pm
Neighbours Night - Neighbours Revealed
4/5. Here's to You Mr Robinson: An investigation into why Paul Robinson is such a hit with the ladies and how he has wreaked more havoc than anyone on the street. [S]

10:25 pm
Neighbours Night - Neighbours Revealed
5/5. Life, Death and Neighbours: A look back at the biggest, the best, the saddest and the most shocking moments of over 20 years of Ramsay Street. [S] Then 60 Seconds.

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July 12th, 2007

10:46 pm - National Television Awards 2007, Support Neighbours!
National Television Awards 2007, Support Neighbours!

Neighbours has never won anything in this country it would be nice for the show to be recognized and win a gong for a change, and besides it would be nice for the Neighbours cast to visit the UK (again!)

The nominations for this years Natational Television Awards 2007 (TV Logie equivalent) have been released, and here are the nominations that concern Neighbours:

'Most Popular Actress'
Jackie Woodburne Neighbours (Susan Kennedy) (Number 25)

'Most Popular Actor'
Alan Fletcher Neighbours (Karl Kennedy) (Number 32)

'Most Popular Serial Drama'


NB: The Neighbours nominated cast are more known to the British TV induestry and the British public than the h&a cast members, so vote for Neighbours to represent the australian TV industry in Britain.

Spread the word to Neighbours, Alan and Jackie fans!!

Thank you!

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July 3rd, 2007

06:25 pm - Not long now!
Only three more Neighbours-less free weekdays to go! At least Shaun the Sheep has been keeping me amused at 5.35 for the past week and a bit!
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June 7th, 2007

01:57 pm
OMG Neil Morrissey on Neighbours!!

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June 1st, 2007

08:24 pm - Cop ya.
I feel like I should commemorate this sad day in history by a little:

RIP, Stinger.

Seriously - saddest character death I've ever seen on TV, ever :o( I will miss him so.

(Although Harold pushing Dylan over did make me laugh quite a lot.)

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May 18th, 2007

03:40 pm



my life is over :(

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April 30th, 2007

11:28 pm - Sign the petition!!
This is a petition that already has 4000 names on it urging Fremantle Media to accept the BBCs offer and to keep the show on the BBC.


Please go there and add your name and forward to all friends you know.Time is of the essence.

Also if you wish to contact both with your opinions:

BBC: 08700 100 222

FREEMANTLE MEDIA : 020 7309 1086
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April 26th, 2007

07:13 pm - BBC threatens to drop Neighbours
Long-running Australian soap Neighbours could be dropped by the BBC following protracted negotiations over broadcasting rights.
The BBC said that if agreement was not reached in the "very, very near future" the money would be allocated elsewhere.

It has refused to reveal how much it is offering for the drama, which has been screened twice a day since 1986.

ITV and Five have been connected with bids for the show. Its distributor, Fremantle Media, declined to comment.

The BBC's director of acquisitions, George McGhee, told Broadcast magazine: "If a deal is not reached in the very, very near future, we will withdraw the money and move it elsewhere.

"We've made a good offer which is about to be withdrawn."

A BBC spokesman added: "We hope that Neighbours will remain on the BBC but no programme is indispensable and it has to come at the right price."

A spokesman for Fremantle said negotiations over a new contract were ongoing.

Neighbours is the second most popular programme on terrestrial daytime television after the BBC One lunchtime


NOOOOooOOOOOO! Time for action! Get complaining to the BBC, I don't want it moved or with adverts!!!!
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10:15 pm - I bring neighbours zombie fic!
Title: The Beany Dead.
Author: Jess.
Rating: Z for ZOMBIES (that is R for violence and crack).
Fandom: Neighbours.
Warning: Zombie style gore. Soybeans.
Notes: Timeline-wise: Lou is living with Harold and Skye has had Kerry. I’m not sure that it actually fits in the timeline, but what can you do. Soaps move too fast!
Summary: Harold grows more than he bargained for with Paul Robinson’s Organic Fertilizer.

( Those soy beans are growing well, Harold... )

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April 18th, 2007

11:25 pm - SORAS
This is why Lolly is much older than she should be :



Paul and Pepper ergh! But the bit where they were throwing clothes on to the sofa and then Paul's leg was thrown on the pile was hilarious!!!
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